Kindergarten, Auroville

The design of the various blocks in the kindergarten complex is a reinterpretation of the local vernacular style in a minimalist architectural language.  Earth is used as the predominant building material from foundation to roof. The spaces emerge out of a central space, which is to the scale of a child to lessen the trauma on his/her first experience of spending time away from a non-domestic environment without an intimate adult around.

The sizes of the rooms were designed such that it allows the children to use it in a non-structured manner, allowing large or small groups to work. The furniture is all floor seating with cushions and low tables that can be moved around. The pin boards are placed between deep windows that double as seats where couple of children can sit, making these spaces more of interaction space rather than only display. The rooms allow a free progress system of teaching which allows each child to learn at his/her own pace. The design of the classrooms allows the users to be flexible within the built environment giving them a wide range of usage. The educational facility includes more than the reading, writing and play. This project was awarded ‘innovative design award’ by DesignShare – U.S.A. It has also been recognised by HUDCO as the best practices in ‘earth building design’.