Centre Guest House

This is a guest house that has developed over 35 years, organically around a large Banyan tree. This tree has been the main focal point in the planning and design. The guest house is composed of a cluster of low tile-roofed buildings under the spread of the tree; with some larger building set away from the drip line. The main guest house building is a framed structure with outward tilting columns that are set at the same angle as the latitude of the project site (12ᵒ North). This is to provide ample shading to the open corridors from rain and sun. The roof is designed for natural ventilation in the rooms without any compromise in sound privacy; while also lowering the need for air-conditioning to 3-4 months a year. The landscaping in and around the project is an experiment in urban agriculture using the recycled waste water from the toilets and the kitchens.